Friday, May 28, 2010

Happenings At SS 19/1

Dear members of SS 19/1 community,

The week 10-16 May had been a very trying week for our community. During this week one of our security personnel was bitten by a dog and another was knocked by a car.Both incidents had been amicably resolved by concerned parties. On the 13th May around 7 30 pm our member's house in SS 19/1A was broken into. Luckily his son was in the house and he did put a fight and this made the burglar ran away leaving his (the burglar's car) in front of the house. The car was a left hand drive BMW convertable. According to the police at that point in time the car has not been reported stolen. So this is not an ordinary burglar. What was interesting about this incident was a few days later he surrendered to Subang Jaya Police and he was properly identified by the victim. The reason for the surrender was the car he left behind while fleeing belonged to his sister. Had he not surrendered the sister will be in trouble. I apologised for not emailing this incident much earlier.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Selfishness Attitude

Dear Residents

Please be informed that due to the selfishness attitude of some of the residents who complained to MPSJ about our security protocol, the committee have decided to temporary uplift the boom gate and cone manning the entrance to our area in SS19/1. The committee with the support from YB Hannah and Madam Theresa is currently liaising with MPSJ to ractify this issue.

The introduction of the G&G in SS19/1 with the objective to make our area free from crime and a better place to stay has the support from majority of the residents. For the past one year, the crime rate in SS19/1 has dropped tremendously compared to the time prior to its implementation.  However, for those areas who have no G&G, they are not so lucky and at time in constant fear.

Below are some of the recent incidents reported through SJ Alert and hopefully the respective selfish residents will able to think and judge that safety and security is far more important than the minor inconvenient caused by the guard checking at the entrance. Think about your family too...

I would like to relate the actual incident of the house-breaking at the above house. At about 2.25 pm on Saturday 15 May 2010. I received a call from one Mrs. Yap, a resident in SS 15/2D that another house has been broken into in Jalan SS 15/2E and I asked for the exact address and she told me it was Mr. Wong's house which is a few doors from my house. I ran out of my house and saw her standing at my front gate. I was under the impression that the housebreaking was over and I did not arm myself with a rotan stick. Both of us quickly walked towards the house which is 5 houses away from my house. I saw the main electric gate ajar and I walked towards the front grill gate and found that it was broken. The main wooden door was closed. Immediately I heard footsteps from inside the house running down the stairs. The door suddenly opened and 2 Chinese guys holding parangs around 2 feet long and they swung the parangs towards me on my head and I quickly duck away. One of them threw a bag containg a laptop and foreign and Malaysian currencies and coins, crow bar and a long screw driver at me. They then ran towards a waiting car with an accomplice in it. The car is a SILVER HONDA CIVIC REG NO. WPN 3665 and it is not a white colour Honda as reported. I have a very close enounter with the Chinese guys and the description of one of them is tall and well built using baseball cap and the other is short also using baseball cap too. Their ages are between 24 and 28 years. Both are well dressed in T-shirts and Blue Jeans. They also wear sneekers. They wore transparent rubber gloves. One of them carried a back pack. Their modus operandi is the first thing they will press the door bell and if there is no answer, they will break in. To my knowledge, these same guys has broken into not less than 10 houses. I just want to advise that they are armed with parangs. Please inform the police if you see these guys loitering in your area and pressing bells.

Michael Sundram

H/P 019-3239555
xx Jalan SS 15/2E
Subang Jaya


Dear Robert,

Please be informed of the series of break-ins in our neighbourhood (SS15/2 and SS15/3).

It is confirmed that we have had 8 break-ins since the past 2 weeks. All have been reported. The latest incident was today which happened at SS15/2E at 2:30 PM.

Involved were 3 SMART LOOKING CHINESE GUYS . The car used was a WHITE HONDA CITY NUMBER WPN 3665.  Please be also informed that during this last incident they had parangs with them and also had their face covered. Previously, this was not so. To those that might come across this gang/car please call the POLICE IMMEDIATELY

*Please take note that this was the same gang who had earlier broken into a few houses in this area and was spotted using this SAME CAR or might even be using a DARK GREY WIRA (spotted in SS17 but we did not get this car's plate number)

Thank you,

The SS15 Neighbourhood

On 13 May 2010

Dear residence of USJ ,

Yesterday afternoon I nearly become a victim of car theft

Around 1:00 pm I parked my car in front of my house with steering lock and alarm on and the doors locked. Then I went in to my house for lunch. I did not hear noise or alarm sound but after 10 minutes when I got out of my house my car was GONE !!!!

The sad thing is that when I called police number immediately and requested for help and guess what ? I was asked to call another number in USJ 8. Then the lady on the phone asked me to go to USJ 8 police station to make a report first although I asked her to alert the patrol cars around this area first because my car was missing just a mere 5 to 10 minutes hence it must be somewhere around USJ area ! I do not know whether she had alerted the patrol cars.

By the time I get a friend to send me to USJ 8 poice station my wife called to inform me that she found the car. The car was abandoned about 50 meters from my house. I rushed to the scene and found my car is still locked and with alarm armed and the steering lock is still in place.

According to one eye witness my car was abandoned in the middle of the road ( I guess it was been towed and some how it detached from the tow truck) causing traffic problem and some drivers pushed my car to the road side. However the eye witness did not notice when was my car abandoned what she only heard was many cars horned because my car was blocking the traffic.

I was lucky that I got my car back but many others are not as lucy. So please be extra careful when you park your car and look out for suspicious tow truck going around your area. They could be looking for target to steal.


Date: Sunday, May 9

Dear fellow residents of Subang Jaya

I woke up this morning to find that my motorcar which was parked outside my front gate and opposite my house was broken into. The thief broke the left rear passenger door and stolen my smart tag, coins and others from my motorcar.My motorcar was parked along SS18/3. Please take care.

Edwin Rajasooria

Hi Folks,

the following update was sent to Robert by SMS yesterday, not sure if u guys were informed.

Area SS14/2C   Time : Noon 30.4.10

Culprits : 2 Malays : Age : 25 appox

Car : Proton Saga Aeroback ( Old Model ) Dark Blue/Grey  Reg. No . W_ _ 4077

Modus Operandi :

One guy waited in vehicle and the other guy with light mustache walks at the back lane looking for potential target to break in. I Questioned the guy on what he was looking for, he was trying to act polite with smile and uncle x 2 , said looking for friend, ( at the back lane :-( As l had my dog with me , l could not dig further as the dog kept barking and let him continue. He kept looking back at me to see what l was doing. Got suspicious, went to main road and saw another guy sitting in driver seat with a white cricket hat covering his eyes.

A short while later , this back lane guy, wearing dark pants and semi dark blue shirt, signaled his mate and he drove over, picked him up and left. Immediately called Chief Suleiman of SS17 Balai and patrol cars were sent to look out.

No update from Police yet.

Look out for these crooks ( 110% ) positive that they were up to no good and will be back, so look out and call d cops if u see them.





Joe Singh

SS14RA & Crime Watch Team

Community Policing SS17 Balai Polis