Saturday, October 31, 2009

Crime Can Happen Anywhere To Any Person

Dear Residents

It has been a while seen I posted the crimes committed in Subang Jaya especially in SS19/1. Fortunately, there has not been any crime committed in our residents for me to post in this blog based on the latest information received by the Committee. However, as it also being said, crimes can happen anywhere and to any person. Our dear friend, Robert from SJ Alert which has been instrument in crime prevention and information provider for residents of Subang Jaya had himself been a victim of a crime.

Below is his posting in SJ Alert for our information and thought that crime can happen anywhere to any person.

Dear Residents

I went to Carrefour Subang Jaya with the family on Monday 26/10/2009 at about 8.00pm to get a quick dinner remembering that a few weeks back someone reported to SJ Alert EMS that her car was broken into whilst she was there. I parked the car very close to the 3rd floor entrance as I normally do, I don't just park in any available parking space and most times I would even wait for such parking space to become available.

Having found what I thought was a safe enough place (four cars away and facing the entrance), I thought nothing of leaving my Computer & Digital cameras in the car. These items were well hidden behind the driver's seat. It was not possible to see inside the rear of the car as I have very heavy tints and sun shades that permanently covered the rear windows. We went our merry way, thinking that since the period at Carrefour would be very short it would be okay,

We finally did not have Dinner at Carrefour and returned to the car at around 9.15pm to find that the rear driver's window of my car was smashed and items inside removed. I will post the pictures that I took with my mobile phones at a later date when my Computer system is purchased.

What I lost

These are the Material things that were stolen1. Dell Vostro Notebook (Service Tag No.D94FS1S / Express Service Code: 288-498-206-08) which I was bringing home to re-install Windows Vista Business together with all the original CDs, external Hard Disks, My Internet Banking Security Cards and Internet Banking Dongles, etc...2. A Canon 7.1 Megapixel Compact Digital Camera and 3. My newly purchased (02/10/09) Pentax Digital SLR Camera (Serial No. 3166127147442) & Lens (Serial No.6501617147392)., including a few hi capacity SDHC Cards and other photographic accessories... I was to use the camera the next day to take pictures of the various proposed LRT sites to highlight at the website so that residents have a better perspective when they submit their comments and feedbacks.Total cost of my carelessness: RM6,000.00

What is not so easy to replace
What I also lost was 20days of my working life (according to my last full backup of my Hard Disk), these included almost all the emails and files that I used to setup the LRT to Subang Jaya/USJ Website, SJ Alert members registration and other work related research and more than 2500 pictures I took with the new camera during my recent overseas trips.

There was a witness who saw the incident (he works as a promoter at Carrefour). He said that as he was parking his car at about 8.45pm, he noticed a small sized Chinese looking guy reaching into and removing things from my car and immediately ran to a waiting motorcycle upon been spotted. This witness says he is able to identify the criminal and that he was willing to help the Police and Carrefour to spot the crook if he should decide to return to do his dirty deed again..

My apologies

I am sorry that I have added to the crime statistics in Subang Jaya, that I am one very careful person with regards to ensuring that there are no opportunities for crime to happen actually amounts to nothing. I suppose you can say that no one is immune to Crime, we can only always remember to be vigilant to prevent it from happening..I have been dispensing advice as if I was some expert in Crime prevention sadly I have been brought down to earth.

Remedial Action

Together with Mr. Teoh of SJ Echo, we approached the management of Carrefour Subang Jaya the very next day. And after a long discussion with Mr. Antoine Gerrier - the Store Director, Mr. Micheal Chang the Security Officer in the presence of Ms Kumutha Veeriah the Customer Care Manager, we have been assured that Carrefour Subang Jaya will dispense their Corporate responsibilities by taking immediate steps to prevent another such incident from happening in their premises and to their customers, these steps include::

1. Brightening all Car Park areas in Carrefour Subang Jaya
2. Installing CCTV around the Car park areas with clear indications to would-be criminals that the area is CCTV monitored
3. Increased regular patrols by their security personnel

all these to be implemented within 2 weeks from the date of our meeting. We have also been invited by Mr. Antoine Gerrier to make a joint inspection together with the Police that the needful has been done.

By the way Antoine is now a member of SJ Alert.

Crime prevention is a shared responsibility.... there I go again, dispensing advice, sorry..

And YES a Police report was made.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Balai Polis SS17 Subang Jaya Open House

Dear Residents

Balai Polis SS17 Subang Jaya organized an open house on 11th October 2009 at 8.30pm in conjunction with the ‘Hari Raya Aidil Fitri’ celebration. The event was held at the police’s quarter car park behind the balai. Around 500 residents and police family members attended the event. At hand to receive the quests was the Ketua Balai, Chief Inspektor Tuan Sulaiman Baputty and Sub Inspektor Tuan Ariffin Abu Seman.

Amongst the invited guests were Subang Jaya Deputy OCPD, Supt Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Majid, YB Hannah Yeoh, Adun Subang Jaya , Puan Theresa Ratnam Thong, MPSJ Councillor for Zone 1, senior police personals, representative from various residents associations and community leaders.

It’s also an occasion where our men and women in blue eased themselves after days of tough crime prevention works and revealed their singing talents. Guests were entertained with few song sung by these talented personals while enjoying varieties of foods on offer such as nasi minyak, satay and cendol.

The highlight of the occasion was the presentation of certificate of appointment as Balai Polis Subang Jaya Community Policing Working Committee. The certificate was presented by Supt Abdul Aziz. Two of our residents’ committee members, En Mohamad Noh and Haji Mohd Fuad were presented with these certificates which act as a liaising coordinator between the police and the members of the public in crime prevention.

The event was also a good avenue for community leaders alike to meet and exchange experiences and ideas and at the same time forging better cooperation and understanding with the Polis for the betterment of the Subang Jaya community.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Syabas To Our Security Guards!!

Dear Residents

It has been nearly six months since we adopted the security protocol in our area. While we cannot prevent 100% crime from happening but in general the security in our area has improved tremendously. Having security guards manning the six (6) entrances to our area and constant patrolling have created sense of security to the residents. The residents can now have peace of mind going to bed at night without constant fear of break-ins.

Our security services has transformed for better as time progresses. These security guards need to be commended. They are now more alert and have adapted well in recognising and differentiating residents from none residents.

I too have experienced the efficiency of our security guards. On 18th October 2009, I and my family were out attending my sister’s Raya Open House when I noticed a missed call on my phone. Upon calling the number, it was our security guard who had called me to inform that one side of my auto gate was opened and after ensuring everything was alright they manually closed the gate.

When I came back, the auto gate was closed and after reviewing my CCTV, I noticed that the gate was left open by my sons who forgot to close the gate when they went out. Subsequently, the security on motorbike passed by and stopped to look at my opened auto gate. I could see him making a phone call and subsequently closed the gate manually. I’m not the only resident who has encountered these experiences from our security guards. Below is the comment by one of our resident to our Secretary.

Dear Hj Mohd Noh,

I would like to compliment our security services based on a recent experience that I encounter.

This happened last Friday early morning. At about 3.30am, my house alarm triggered. Upon checking the alarm control unit, it was discovered that the problem was located at the ground floor, back quadrant of my house. I immediately disarmed the alarm and called the security number. In less than 2 minutes, the security team consisting of two personnel were already at my premises combing the house area. They spent quite some time going through the procedures and even went to the extent to checking inside the drains located at the front, side and back of the house. Until they were completely satisfied, they then left the house after I felt it was safe for them to leave. In the morning, the supervisor called me again to check whether everything was okay.

The cause of the alarm triggering may be the contributed by other factors besides solely by thieves but the security personnel did not take any half chances but instead went through a thorough procedure in ensuring our safety. This was indeed a commendable service by our security team in ensuring the safety of residence of SS19/1.

Also, a neighbour of mine who did not subscribe to the security services recently told me that he was stopped by the security personnel at the entry point after returning at about 2am caused he did not have the security sticker on his car. After a few minutes of convincing the security personnel, he was finally allowed in but was escorted till his house by security personnel. This is to ensure that he was a genuine resident. While he was a bit annoyed with the inconvenience caused, he nevertheless was pleased with way the security team went about with their duties. I hope he will sign up soon!

My gratitude to the Residence Association and Security team. The community feels much safer now.

shahrein zainal
Jalan SS 19/1H,
Subang Jaya.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Subscription For November - January Quarter

Dear members of SS19/1 community

For the last three months we have been experiencing zero crime in our community. This has been due to continuous availability of security services in SS 19/1. We hope this will continue to the next quarter. We will continuously strive to improve in order to make SS 19/1 a better place to live.
In order to continue providing the security services residents will have to continue to subscribe for the November-January Quarter. Please make the cheque (value Rm 180) payable to Pertubuhan Penduduk Jalan SS 19/1 Subang Jaya. Payments can be dropped at 209 Jalan SS 19/1F or guard houses or to our Jalan
Representative. It would be greatly appreciated if all payments can be in by 30th October 2009.
Thank you. Your prompt payment is greatly appreciated.
For those residents who have not subscribed to the protocol please do so. Relevant forms are available at the guard houses.


Mohamad Noh Samik
Pertubuhan Penduduk Jalan SS 19/1
Subang Jaya

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Dear Residents

The Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Hindu residents a very Happy Deepavali. May It bring you happiness, progress and prosperity. Let all of us enjoy and celebrate this month of festivities together with one dream, one wish and one voice.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Programme Balik Kampong has been a Success!!

Dear Residents

Our ‘Balik Kampong Programme’ in it maiden launched has been successful. Introduced for the first time during the long Hari Raya Aidil Fitri holiday, it’s attracted some 30 residents to fill up the Balik Kampong forms with our security guards. Zero incidents were reported throughout the one week holiday.

Balik Kampong Programme is a programme organised by the SS19/1 Residents Association to its member residents who are going away for the Raya holiday by informing the security guards via the form. The security guards will then monitor those houses regularly and residents will be given visiting reports slip inside their mail box. This programme mirror the Kempen “Balik Kampong – Rumah Selamat” organised by the Polis.

The Committee has decided to continue and extent this service to member residents who are going for long holiday or business trip. This service is only meant for member of the Association which subscribed to the security protocol

Comments from residents

Date: Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 7:39 AM

En. Mohamad Noh,
Excellent job for incident free and keep up with the good work to make our area a safe place to stay.


Date: Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 9:20 AM
Hi,Thank you for the good work...please keep it up.

Date: Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 1:28 PM

Thank you for the good-work.

Hj Rawi Mansor

Date: 2009/9/28

Dear En Mohamad

Selamat Hari Raya dari saya utk En. Mohamad sekeluarga.
Kesempatan ini saya sekeluarga ingin mengucapkan setinggi terima kasih kepada Security provider kita yang telah menjalankan tugas mereka dengan begitu baik sekali dengan memberikan setiap 1/2 jam report tentang perkembangan rumah kami dan disekeliling kawasan kami semasa kami cuti berhari raya.
Moga ini akan berterusan dan sekali lagi diminta tolong sampaikan terima kasih kami sekeluarga kepada security provider kita.


Saudara Ramle Abas

It's not a matter of choice

Article in New Straits Times dated 2009/09/30

By Dawn Chan

KUALA LUMPUR: More communities are resorting to putting up boom gates and hiring security guards in an effort to check the rising crime rate in their neighbourhoods.

While the move, generally, has the support of the majority, some residents are irked by it as they say it is an inconvenience.

Those who are against the setting up of guarded communities said it was the duty of the police and other authorities to ensure the safety of the neighbourhoods.

Many claimed that security guards hired to patrol the areas had no right to stop them from using a public road, which sometimes serves as a shortcut. They also said that the guards had no right to ask for their identification documents.

SS19/1 Residents' Association secretary Mohd Noh Samik said residents have no choice but to have a guarded community after frequent occurrences of snatch thefts in the neighbourhood.

"There were cases almost every other day as there was no restriction on vehicles going through our neighbourhood. Some of them use the residential roads in our area as shortcuts to other areas," he said.

Noh said the association has set up four guardhouses around SS19/1, which has 640 houses. The area has been divided into two zones for security guards to patrol on motorcycles every 20 minutes.

From midnight to 6am, lanes going into the neighbourhood are reduced to one and vehicles without stickers are only allowed in after their car registration numbers had been recorded.

Most residents pay between RM100 and RM200 a month for the services of the guards but to them, the money is worth it as they have peace of mind.

Noh said since the implementation of the guarded community project, there had hardly been any snatch theft cases.

Subang Jaya municipal council president Datuk Adnan Mohd Ikshan said almost all neighbourhoods within its jurisdiction had been given the green light to implement the concept.

Although several are deemed "illegal", Adnan said the council had refrained from tearing down the structures as long as they did not cause a friction between residents who were in favour and those who were against it.

Bandar Sri Damansara Residents' Association president Ravindran Raman Kutty said the rising number of robberies, petty thefts and burglary prompted the residents to take action.

"Areas like Margosa, Kenanga, Saga, Chempaka, Ara, Damar and Tanjung are guarded 24 hours. We only have one exit and one entry into our township," he said.

Ravindran said the public residential roads were barricaded after 11pm and car stickers were given to residents. Visitors are required to stop and identify themselves at the guardhouse.

The crime index, he said, had dropped by 80 per cent since the concept was implemented.

Jalan Datuk Sulaiman residents' association also implemented the guarded concept recently to curb crime. Chairman Mokhtar Md Yasin said they worked closely with Kuala Lumpur City Hall's branch in Taman Tun Dr Ismail to ensure that they did not break any laws.