Saturday, July 17, 2010

Talk on 'Security Threats and Counter Technologies'

Dear members of SS 19/1 community,

After the conclusion of the World Cup game where for the past one month residents were glued to their TVs set watching nightly matches of their favourite teams, life are now finally back to normal. It is for this reason too the committees will once again organising its normal evening talk.

There will be an evening talk as follows:

Title : Security Threats and Counter Technologies

Speaker: Nassir Rogers            
Date : 20th July 2010

Time : 9 pm

Venue : Office Of Pertubuhan Penduduk Jalan SS 19/1 Subang Jaya 30 B Jalan SS 19/1G

Nassir Rogers is the Managing Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Focus Smart Technologies Sdn Bhd specialising in security technologies with presence across Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka and Thailand since 1993.

He is also a consultant to numerous government agencies and currently the chairman of the Boulevard Wangsa Baiduri residents association. 

The talk will provide good opportunity for the residents to know about various technologies that are available to counter security threats especially at home. As the first line of defence against security threats start at home and most of the crime happened due to our negligence.

All are cordially invited to attend.