Sunday, August 14, 2011


Dear members of SS 19/1 community
It is almost a month since our last SS19/1 Community Carnival. The general feeling was that the carnival was a huge success.The events were well participated beyond expectation.Since this is the first time we are organising it we recognised there were several short comings.
The walk for health was well participated and competitiveness was never anticipated. In the next edition this element should be incorporated.
The musical presentation was well conducted even though it was performed by non professionals. The students performed very well and deserved huge applause.
The food stalls did very good sale and food was finished early.About Rm 7000 worth of food coupons were sold during the day.The committee initially encountered difficulty to find people to take up the food stalls and due to this we have to subsidise the food stall rental.For next edition of the carnival we have to make profit from this rental.
For the children we may have to put in place more activities.
We were grateful to the qicong group headed by Puan Khadijah. This group helped a lot inspite of many of the members are not residing in SS 19/1.We were grateful to four individuals who helped to manage the walk for health.We were also grateful to Ms Reena and her relatives for financing and production of program books. A big thank you to En Shahrein of Friends Advertising for his efforts in designing and artwork of the brochures and program books.
The greatest drawback in organising this year carnival is to get residents to assist in the organisation of the event.All in all the the bulk of the organising and implementation of the event were done by committee members. It is hoped that in the next edition of the carnival more residents will come onboard to assist in running of the carnival.

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